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Cool Websites!

  • Anime Bath Scene Wiki (Click Here)
    The strangest wiki ive ever seen, but you have to respect the sheer dedication

  • Land Chad (Click Here)
    Guides for starting your own website

  • Spyware Watchdog (Click Here)
    Information on how popular programs spy on you

  • Wiby (Click Here)
    A search engine that only indexes minimalist websites
    Good for finding older websites

  • Based.Cooking (Click Here)
    Cooking recipes without ads
    You can submit new recipes

  • Nightwave Plaza (Click Here)
    24/7 Vaporwave radio

  • AZ Lyrics (Click Here)
    A music lyrics site without intrusive ads

  • wxyzwebcams (Click Here)
    Webcam's from around the world

    Archival Projects

  • ArchiveBox (Click Here)
    ArchiveBox is a self-hosted internet archiving solution to collect, save, and view sites you want to preserve offline.

    Youtube Alternatives!

    Cool Programs!

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